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Wooden Chair 2018

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Wooden Chair is narrated by a third person omniscient. He tells the story of two orphaned siblings and their journey to overcoming poverty. Judy Ann, 10 years old, and John Lloyd, 7 years old, were named by their mother after her favorite actress and actor. To provide for the two of them, Judy Ann no longer goes to school but instead, sells root crops that she plants in their small backyard, and fruits and vegetables that she picks up from the floor of the public market. To cope with feelings of abandonment, Judy Ann talks to their imaginary mother who guides and encourages her. One day, she notices the wounds on her brother’s elbows. She finds out that because there are limited chairs in his brother’s school, John Lloyd must slouch on the floor when taking down notes—causing his wounds. John Lloyd tells her that chairs are being raffled off weekly by their teacher, Myra. He tells her sister that this is his teacher’s unorthodox way of being fair and giving everyone the chance to use the chairs. After knowing what her brother must endure, Judy Ann plans on saving to be able to buy a chair for John Lloyd. Not having a chair is not the only problem John Lloyd has to face in school, he is also bullied by his classmate, Marco. Marco sees John Lloyd as an easy target because he is dirt poor and doesn’t have parents to defend him. One day, John Lloyd notices the cut-up slippers of his sister, almost gone. Feeling sorry for her, he steals a pair of shoes from a store. But instead of being happy, Judy Ann gets mad when she learns how he got them. She tells him that poverty is not an excuse to do bad things and take advantage of other people. She goes to the store with John Lloyd to give back the stolen pair of slippers and to ask for forgiveness. Judy Ann tells the owner that she is willing to work in the store that day for free just so he wouldn’t complain to the authorities. The owner admires her for her principles and rewards her the pair of slippers at the end of the day. However, Judy Ann refuses and instead, asks for the broken wooden chair she found in the store. She is so happy to bring it home and repair it. She gives it to her brother after she fixes the chair. It’s a happy moment for the siblings and they begin to dream about their future—their big house, their fancy cars and their cupboard full of food. Every day, John Lloyd brings the wooden chair to school. He even shares it with some of his classmates. By having his own chair, John Lloyd is able to better concentrate in school and excel, which further annoys Marco. One day, Marco steals John Lloyd’s wooden chair during recess. Marco ties the wooden chair to a truck that suddenly speeds away. John Lloyd runs after the speeding truck and in haste, suddenly trips. Still on his knees, John Lloyd fails to see the vehicle fast approaching. Everything suddenly turns dark. Gina, JohnLlloyd’s teacher, wrote an article in the local paper about him, his sister and their wooden chair. Consequently, many were moved by the article and volunteered their services and money to make wooden chairs for the school. Will John Lloyd and Judy Ann be able to fulfill their dreams? What happens in the future? Will poverty prevail and stop them from dreaming? Is the wooden chair significant enough to change their fate?

Director: Edgardo Monti Parungao III
Writer: Renato Custodio, Jr.
Stars: Haidar Pallado, Jhie Ane Guinoo, Angelu De Leon, Lou Veloso, Joanna Marie Katanyang

Wooden Chair 2018

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