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Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014)

Talk Back and You're Dead    

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Talk Back and You’re Dead is a 2014 Filipino teen romantic comedy-action film[7] based on the best-selling novel of the same name originally published on Wattpad[8] by Alesana Marie.[2] The film is directed by Andoy Ranay,[9] starring James Reid, Nadine Lustre and Joseph Marco. It was distributed by Viva Films and Skylight Films (a subsidiary of Star Cinema) and was released on August 20, 2014, in theaters nationwide.[9][10][11][12] This movie is the very first movie of James Reid and Nadine Lustre under Star Cinema.

The film begins as a boy and girl in costumes make promises to each other that they will get married someday. On the present day, Miracle Samantha Perez is inside a bookstore and she notices from outside of the store that one of her friends Michie is confronting a guy named Timothy Odelle “Top” Pendleton with his girlfriend. Samantha joins the scene as she thought that the guy is cheating on her friend, whom she calls a cheater, a liar and rude as she slaps him and her friends drag her away from the scene. Inside the girls’ comfort room, Michie and her other friends, China and Maggie, admit that the scene with Top was only a playtime because they want Hershey to break up with Top. At home, Samantha’s scene with Top became viral on the internet. While taking up an exam, Samantha receives an unknown call, that turns out to be Top, the guy whom she called a cheater, liar and a maniac but she ends up cursing the caller when she was greeted rudely by the guy causing her phone to be confiscated by their teacher. Top calls again but this time the teacher coincidentally answers the call but also ends up cursing each other. Top with his gang, arrives at St. Celestine to abduct Samantha where Jared “Red” Dela Cruz brings her to a night club. At the night club, Top asks Samantha to go on a date with him but she refuses. In the middle of their argument, Piggy’s gang arrives and starts a bar fight. Top was badly hurt after the fight and Samantha was so worried about his condition. She asks the doctor of Top’s condition, and she mistakenly believes that he has a brain cancer and he will not last any longer. Samantha agrees to be his girlfriend, then Top admits he will not die. Samantha realizes this and she intends to leave but she was threatened by Top to try to avoid him. Samantha also discovers that Top is not just a common gangster, but the leader of the Lucky 13, the most notorious gang of the district known for their many achievements in many fields, wealth and gang fights. At the mall, Top breaks up with Hershey and introduces Samantha as his new girlfriend. Back at school, Samantha hears some rumors that her rival, Audrey Dela Cruz, Red’s sister has a gangster boyfriend from Pendleton High named Top. Piggy’s gang abducts Audrey as they mistakenly thought that she is Top’s girlfriend in order to lure him at their hideout, but Top overpowers Piggy’s gang and saves Audrey. Top confronts Samantha if she gave Piggy the information that Audrey was his girlfriend in which she denies. He warns Samantha to be careful and not to get caught.

Samantha believes that Top is just playing on her, so she confronts Audrey. Meanwhile, at dinner, Top told his parents that he already has a girlfriend and he will invite her for tomorrow dinner. Top picks up Samantha from school and brings her to his house for dinner with his family, but the dinner ends up with Top and his father arguing about the death of Top’s mother. That night, Top breaks up with Samantha because she was too perfect for him, but Samantha has already fallen in love with him. Samantha is badly hurt that Top broke up with her, then Audrey told her that Top was an ex-convict. After school, Samantha was abducted by Piggy’s gang in order to avenge. Top and his gang arrives at Piggy’s hideout and start fighting where they overpower Piggy’s gang. Samantha calls Top an ex-convict and he was stunned of what he heard, as Red takes Samantha home telling her that Top is not really a bad guy and it was the second time that Top saves her as the first was a mistaken identity caused by Samantha. Samantha invites Top to a date to make peace of what she has said. At Pendleton High, Top humiliates Samantha in front of everyone for being present at their basketball game. Top apologizes to Samantha for humiliating her at his school then Top confesses his true feelings for Samantha and they become officially lovers. At a theme park, Top gives Samantha a teddy bear which he got from Audrey’s date after the guy verbally harassed Samantha which angered Top and knocks down the guy unconscious. Samantha and Audrey finally make peace of their dislike toward each other. Top went to the guy who stole Samantha’s teddy bear to bring it back to her and beats the guy. Top and Red went to Samantha’s house to give back the teddy bear but Top was surprised when he saw Lee, Samantha’s cousin. Top asks Lee why he lied to him in believe that Sammy/Samantha was in Japan and Lee admits to him that Samantha was bound to a fixed marriage and he can never have Samantha. Upset on what he discovered, Top breaks up again with her but Samantha wanted Top to fight for them.

With no other options left, Top and Samantha decide to live-in, far away from their families. They stay in Top’s beach house for several days. Red and the rest of the gang arrives at the beach house as Red had a plan. Red told Samantha that her parents knows where she is and they intend to sue Top of kidnapping and rape since Samantha is still a minor that will cause a huge issue between the Perez and the Pendleton Group of Companies. Samantha decides to go home in order to save Top from being jailed. Back at home, Samantha’s parents was so upset for what she has done and her parents told her that Top was ex-convicted for kidnapping. Shocked of what she discovered, Samantha confronts Top about it but she was surprised when he admits it. She also learns that the person he kidnapped was his girlfriend, who turns out to be his half-sister. She admits to Samantha that Top actually helped her to escape from his abusive father. Upset of what she heard, she goes to see Top at his mother’s tombstone to apologize and Top introduces Samantha to his mother. Samantha discovers that Lee and his parents lied to him because they want her to get married to another man.

The Perez family celebrated a special night announcing the marriage of their only heir, Samantha, to the eldest sibling of the Dela Cruz family, Red. Top goes to the party with blonde hair hears that Samantha and Red are getting married. Samantha, badly mad that she will get married to her boyfriend’s best friend, tries to convince Red to refuse the marriage, as an angry Top confronts Red because of his betrayal to him. Samantha asks him to leave, with her ending up their relationship because no one can do anything. Samantha was told by her parents that they will be leaving for France together with Red. At St. Celestine, the Lucky 13 gang tells Samantha that Top is waiting outside before playing a live song performance. She goes outside and sees Top at his car apologizing that she can’t do anything about the marriage but she still loves him promising that she will be back for him and Top replied to her that he is willing to wait for the day she returns and they kiss under the fireworks.

Two years later, Samantha receives a call from Audrey that Top got into an accident after he mysteriously vanished without anyone knowing. Samantha and Red return home and Samantha realizes that Top could be at his beach house. She goes to the beach house and she watches a video footage of a boy and a girl making promises to each other that they will be getting married someday as seen in the beginning of the film. Meanwhile, Red admits to Audrey that he has fallen in love with Samantha. As Samantha remembers the lost memories of her past that she and Top made promise to each other when they were just kids, a dog walks through and lead her to Top at the beach. Samantha saw him as she realizes that he lost his sight as Top asks God for a miracle because he badly needs one as Samantha/Miracle hugs Top/Timothy with so much tears of joy of their reunion.

After the first part of the credits, a scene was featured where Samantha and Red kisses each other as they saw Top watching them unhappy of what he just saw, and a sequel is then confirmed that will be released soon

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