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Always Be My Maybe is a 2016 Filipino romantic-comedy film top-billed by Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz under the direction of the award-winning director, Dan Villegas. It was released on February 24, 2016. This film was Star Cinema’s Post-Valentine’s movie offering and it also marks Gerald and Arci’s first project together. Jake del Mundo (Gerald Anderson), a handsome playboy who comes from a privileged background. After years of being a carefree bachelor, is now ready to settle down. On the night that he proposes to his long-time girlfriend, Tracy, she finally had enough of Jake and dumped him for another man. At the same time, Kristina “Tintin” Paraiso (Arci Muñoz) a make-up artist, the idealistic one who always dreams of a near perfect relationship believes that the guy she’s seeing is about to ask her to marry him, suddenly she finds out (via Facebook) that her man has already committed himself to another girl. After that she shares her heartbreak on social media in a video that immediately went viral. After six months, the two who both came from a failed relationships found themselves in a beach resort that was owned by Jake while Tintin who’s a make-up artist had an out of town job at the resort with her bestfriends and co make-up artists Esang (Cacai Bautista) and Ms. Andrè (Ricci Chan). The two cross paths and end up spending one entire night drinking and an endless conversation about their personal lives until dawn. Hopeless romantic Jake gets intrigued by the jaded and outspoken Tintin. After discovering they are on the same wavelength, the two end up spending more and more time together. On a night out at a bar, they both agreed to be each other’s wingman to help find someone better than their exes. What happens next is a realistic and simple love story that almost everyone can relate to. A makeup artist recovering from a breakup reluctantly begins a relationship with a wealthy playboy.

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